Convergence of medical technologies and information technologies continues at a rapid pace. Many medical devices are now essentially computers with specialized interfaces to patients and users. Like other computer systems, medical devices are interconnected through digital networks. Achieving safety and effectiveness in applying medical technology requires adoption of a new paradigm.

In response to the convergence of CE and IT technologies, clinical engineering and information technology departments are restructuring to provide integrated support. CE and IT bring different strengths and different cultural histories. Effective integration is challenging but essential. Baretich Engineering is on the leading edge of designing and implementing program convergence solutions for CE and IT.

Baretich Engineering and Technology in Medicine worked with Children’s Medical Center of Dallas to integrate its Clinical Engineering and Information Technology departments. We identified a number of synergies that will allow CMC to leverage the unique strengths of each department. Our report laid out a step-by-step process to move the organization toward effective support of 21st century medical technology.

Baretich Engineering is also working with Salud Family Health Centers to integrate all imaging equipment into its digital network so that clinical data can be shared among facilities across northern Colorado.


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