When legal action involving technology issues is anticipated or under way, it is essential to have engineering expertise available to inform the process. Quality and risk managers, clinicians, attorneys, and others who may be involved are often not familiar with the engineering principles that can explain the behavior of equipment and systems.
Baretich Engineering has the experience and credentials to provide expert witness services in technology-related cases. Based on our research for a particular case, we can prepare verbal and written reports, made depositions, and testify at trial, as needed. We are prepared to work in support of plaintiffs or defendants.

Our expert witness services are provided by Matthew F. Baretich, P.E., Ph.D. His credentials are detailed in his curriculum vitae.

Recent cases in which we have provided assistance include: patient burn during surgery, neurological injury to a patient during surgery, orthopedic injury to a patient during surgery, fetal injury during an obstetric procedure, underinfusion of medication for an ambulatory patient, interpretation of patient monitoring data, and allegation of inadequate maintenance services.


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