Baretich Engineering, Inc.

Clinical Engineering and Forensic Engineering


Baretich Engineering was established in 1997 by Matthew F. Baretich, P.E., Ph.D.  Read his one-page profile for a quick summary of Matt’s professional experience, or take a look at his full curriculum vitae.  Check out Matt’s most recent major publication, the AAMI Electrical Safety Manual.

Baretich Engineering is dedicated to improving the safety, effectiveness, and life-cycle cost of medical technology. We define clinical engineering as professional engineering services to improve patient care through cost-effective management of medical technology.  We define forensic engineering as professional engineering services to identify the root causes of adverse incidents and to avoid their recurrence.

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If you need more extensive services than we can provide ourselves, we have strong working relationships with trusted organizations. Key collaborators include:

  • SunagMED for medical technology planning and major construction management.

We will put together a team to give you the support you need.