Baretich Engineering, Inc.

Technology-Related Incident Investigation

Forensic Engineering

We define forensic engineering as the provision of professional engineering services to identify the root causes of adverse incidents and to avoid their recurrence. The ultimate objective is to help healthcare organizations provide safer care for their patients.

What can we do for you?

Incident Investigation

If you believe a medical device may have contributed to injury or death of a patient or member of your staff — or contributed to serious physical damage or financial loss — we can, of course, test the device for you. More importantly, we work with you to discover the root causes and identify ways to avoid recurrence.

Litigation Support

When a medical device is an issue in a legal matter, you need support from an expert in medical devices. We help you understand the technical issues and we advise you as you work with legal counsel to manage the litigation process.

Expert Witness Services

Matthew F. Baretich, P.E., Ph.D. has served as an expert witness, providing written reports, depositions, and trial testimony. If a legal matter proceeds to this point, we are ready to help.

Case Studies

For more information, review our forensic engineering case studies. These are actual cases that illustrate the range of services we offer. Each case study is also intended to demonstrate key principles of forensic engineering and to highlight lessons learned.

People we work with

Clinical Engineering Professionals

Clinical Engineers, Biomedical Equipment Technicians and Technologists (BMETs), and all Healthcare Technology Managment (HTM) Professionals.

Risk Management Professionals

Risk Managers, Patient Safety Professionals, Quality Management Professionals, and healthcare organization leaders with responsibility for risk management, patient safety, and quality improvement.


Counselors for plaintiffs and defendants.

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